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Welcome to skillUp!
'Companies are expected to innovate and play a part in solving current global challenges. Innovating to fight these challenges requires a new way of working and radical talent transformation. To fight these challenges, you need to look beyond current business models and innovate your way towards the future.
To combat the growing talent gap, we present skillUp.
We help innovation teams build, validate and scale successful ventures by teaching them practical skills.'


Who is this course for?


This innovation course is for people and teams who want to learn how to launch new ventures within a business setting. The material uses the context of larger organisations who want to stay ahead of the competition by creating new products and services that provide real value to customers, by using learnings and methodologies from the startup world on how to do this effectively (e.g. Lean Startup, Design Thinking and Agile). 


What topics will be addressed?


You will learn the process behind validating and launching new business models without overspending resources. We walk you through the different steps behind understanding your potential customer base, how to come up with an idea that will be valuable to them, how to validate whether that idea is the right one, and how to start developing this solution toward being a full-fledged product/service. This process is versatile enough to work within any conceivable industry where new products/services are being developed with unclear goals or customer needs.


How do I gain access and what is expected of me?


Once you have registered on the platform with a username and password, you will gain access to the skillUp dashboard. From there you can start your learning flow and watch guided videos, browse through course materials and do exercises to test your knowledge. There are some assignments where you will download a file to fill in, and upload your work for the instructors to provide feedback on. The course is self-paced so you are in full control of your learning.


Will I get certification?


Once you have completed the exercises, assignments and gone through the material, you will be able to download a certificate of completion which you can share on LinkedIn or elsewhere.


Get in contact with the lead facilitator Roeland:

@ RIOzorg 2023